What is the "Blue Line" Sig Pro?

The "Blue Line" Sig Pro is a special line designed for law enforcement that includes three full-capacity magazines and only one grip insert (the thinner/smaller/stippled one). SIGLITE night sights also seem to be common among "Blue Line" Sig Pros. The Sig Pro pistol itself is identical to civilian Sig Pros except for a "Blue Line" crest on the top of the slide, between the rear sight and ejection port, like in the photo below:

Non-LE individuals can purchase and use "Blue Line" Sig Pros. Prior to 09/14/2004, it was common practice for dealers to replace the three LE magazines with (at the time) legal 10-round magazines. However, this is no longer necessary because full-capacity magazines can now be purchased, regardless of any markings that would suggest otherwise. Please check with local and state laws to make sure that you are not in a jurisdiction that has its own ban on full-capacity magazines.

The product codes—as indicated on the sticker attached to the outside of the case—are different that standard Sig Pros, as follows:

  • The initial "SP" is replaced by "BL" (standing for, you guessed it, "Blue Line")
  • An additional letter, along with a hyphen to separate it from the previous letter or letters, is added to the product code, specifically "-G," which presumably means "Government"

    So, if a standard Sig Pro SP 2340 chambered in .40 Auto with SIGLITE night sights has "SP2340-40-BSS" as its product code, the corresponding "Blue Line" version would thus have "BL2340-40-BSS-G" as its.

    See FAQ VIII-2 for more information on Sig Pro product codes.

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